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Colorful Childrens Rewards Money- Printables

Lately, I wanted to teach my kids the value of hard work, through playing. I have 4years old and 6 years old, 2 kids, 2 different genders with 2 different moods and attitudes.

So today, I want to share with you the CHILDRENS REWARDS PRINTABLE MONEY that I made, that will surely kids will love to use.



Rewards help motivate and inspire. They provide positive reinforcement for good behavior while helping to learn the value of hard work.


How to use these children’s rewards printable money?

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to accelerate all over the world., supplies especially foods, tissue, and other cleaning supplies are disappearing off the shelves. That’s why I came up with an activity to control their food intake, teach them responsibility, the value of hard work and to comply with the given orders of elders/government.

For example, if your child does a specific task, they will be given the reward money as agreed on the posted list. As for me, I gave 5 for helping washing dishes or washing laundry. They will save these on a customize wallet I designed and keep it. They need to keep it in a safe place just as if it were real money. These trains them to start taking care of cash and other valuable things they have.

Rewards Money Printables


As to enjoy their savings and hard-earned money, I also opened up our home store, which has his own rules applies. I named it Miggy’s Sari-Sari Store (named after our 3rd child who is 1 year old) – it contains some foods you can see in the mini grocery. Such as canned goods, biscuits, chocolates, kinds of milk, candies, noodles, peanuts, and fruits.

Here’s the sample goodies for our mini home store. As you can see, the healthy foods are cheaper and free,  this is to encourage them to eat more healthy foods.

Chuckie  Pansit CantonBiscuits Kisses Chocolates Fruits 

They need to save money to avail of something from our mini home store. No work, no pay applies. If they won’t work, they can’t earn anything to buy from our home store.

Here are the examples of what to give for specific rewards.

Rewards Earn list Sample I made for my kids:

Rewards List

Here’s the sample money i made for them.

Would you like printable sheets that you can write down what your child can earn for and put it on the fridge?

Or maybe you’d like to print a copy of the tasks listed in this post?

If so, I created rewards to earn list printable sheets for you to hang in your home.

You may download too these reward money i customized for my kids.

Rewards Money

Reward Money

Reward Money

Reward Money

Reward Money

Download ₱1 Reward Money Here

Download ₱2 Reward Money Here

Download ₱3 Reward Money Here

Download ₱4 Reward Money Here

Download ₱5 Reward Money Here

Download Reward Earning List

Download Reward Earning List Blank




It’s a great way to motivate them to earn, value hard work, follow rules and to be responsible in all different ways they can,  in an enjoyable way.


Note: These printable are for personal use only. You may not alter them or redistribute them for monetary gain without written consent from the author, Margaret of Kaycies Collection

Did you try these? Comment down how’s your experience doing this. 🙂

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