Who We Are

Hi there! I’m Margaret, a Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketer for online entrepreneurs. I am the owner and founder of Kaycies Collection (Kaycie's Customized & Digital Printing Services). Nice to meet you! I have a big passion for designing and social media. I love learning new things and ways to improve and grow my business.

I help online businesses and bloggers to stand out on a crowded and saturated online world.

So How it all began?

I began my creative journey when I and my friends launched an online shop in 2016. It was our passion for art, design, and crafts that inspired us to offer a wide range of personalized items, such as candles, handbags, and more.

Over time, we learn new skills and broaden business prospects and services. We saw the opportunity in graphic design, layout, and printing after participating in a Journal Planner Bazaar. After a successful year of operations, two of my co-founders parted ways because of the busy schedules. However, it did not stop me from pursuing my passion and taking the business to new heights.

Today, I have successfully managed to establish a market reputation with more than hundreds of retail customers, corporate clients (and still counting), and two e-commerce store partners during a short span of just 4 years. Despite my busy schedule and demanding domestic life, I’ve always maintained my focus on the success of this business. This made me capable of effectively managing the operations of the business, production, and quality control as well.

Kaycie’s Collection has managed to position itself amongst one of the lucrative independent home-based businesses of today.

That’s all for me. Let’s go back to you!

I believe that having beautiful graphics online could lead you to more traffic to your website. More traffic means more lead, more lead means more $$$.

I want you to feel confident about how you’re showing up your visual graphics online because I know Design is hard! Especially If you don’t have that eye for design. Working with me will not only help you gather attention and enhance your brand, but I'll make sure you have all the visual content you need to make a wow effect for the first impression online.

So, are you ready to stand out online? Are you ready to take your graphic visual content to the next level?

Let's work together!

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