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10 Signs You Should Invest in Customized Baptismal Candles

Baptism is a Christian custom, and the use of baptism candle was known many years ago. Light is a vital symbol in Christianity. The baptism candle on the other hand stands for the course from death to life in Jesus Christ or popularly called as “the light of the world.” This Christian tradition is a way wherein the church welcomes the baby into the world of Christianity and faith.

If providing your baptismal candle, it is likely to arrange a customized baptismal candle. First and foremost, you must check with the church to know if there are special regulations for the baptismal candle- does it require to be made on a specific material, or be a specific size or color. Like for instance, some churches need that baptismal candles are made from a specific amount of beeswax.

Customize Baptismal Candle

Most of the time, retailers offer customized baptismal candles that include birth date, the name of the baby, date of the baptismal as well as godparents name. Some customized baptismal candles include a picture of a baby or maybe a particular verse, prayer or biblical passage.

The Importance of Baptism

During the ceremony, the godparents or parents hold a candle that goes home as a token for the baptized infant. Usually, the church will give an ordinary, tapered candle, even if someone close to the one being baptized may give a customized baptismal candle that will last all through the years. Customized baptismal candles are very popular at this point as parents have the chance to choose the style and fragrance they want.

Light the Way

This event is an official recognition into the church. The one being baptized is often starting a journey of belief and devotion; it doesn’t matter if it is a kid, as is common in the Anglican or Catholic denominations, or a fully developed individual, as within the Baptist devotion. All through his or her life, he or she will know about the teaching of the church, the godparents and parents, clergy as well as congregation pledge to assist guide her or him. The light of the baptismal candle stands for guiding the way of the journey of the person being baptized.

Light of Jesus Christ


The light of the baptismal candle also stands for the light of Jesus Christ, specifically as the light comes from the Paschal candle. This kind of baptismal candle is blessed on Easter, symbolize the victory of Jesus Christ over evil. A lot of people believe that this light will assist stop and get rid of any types of wrongdoings which may come the way of the one being baptized.

Keep the Faith


While it’s anticipated that baptism brings the child into the life of devotion, a lot of individuals who are baptized as babies don’t remain on the Church and might lose faith in the future. In some, baptism has to turn out to be a social custom, and its novel meaning has been gone.

Shining the Light


Some denominations, most particularly in the United Methodists, the glow of the baptismal candle produces also stands for the light in the one being baptized. Being a Christian, you must keep on your light shining and burning, so that anyone might see it, maybe even coming to yourself belief.

A Good Reminder of Baptism


Given the fact that the one being baptized, or the godparents bring the baptismal candle home, this serves as a toke of the great blessed day. A lot of people light this baptismal candle for a couple of minutes on the first year anniversary of the baptism, utilizing it as a kind of spiritual candle to commemorate the passage of time.

In Catholic, may light the baptismal candle again to mark other important moments in the life of a person like marriage.

The Revolution in Baptismal Candle

Gone are the days of using a basic type of baptismal candle provided by the church because at this point you can bring your baptismal candles according to the style and fragrance you want. These customized baptismal candles are the best approach to help commemorate and observed the very special event in your life. With these amazing styles and designs, your visitors will be sure to be astounded by your creativity and thought.

Customize your baptismal candle by not simply picking the style, but also the scent and the size. These personalized baptismal candles not just look charming and lovely, but smell relaxing and wonderful too. Every customized baptismal candle comes in an exclusive box in the hue of your wants.

Baptismal candle stores online know the significance of having all elements of the special event perfect. So, they offer a baptismal candle which is exceptionally customized and mirror a real meaning of the special day. Each one is handmade and intended to include pictures and wording and what is more can be personalized to suit any color and theme. 

Customize Baptismal Candles

Why You Must Invest in Customized Baptismal Candles

If you want your event to have it own distinct character, the personalized baptismal candle is always the best option. Not just are this exceptional candle natural and less toxic, but these also come in many amazing shapes and styles which make your event more meaningful and exciting. What is more, a personalized baptismal candle is a good representation of your personality and own imagination, having a type of indigenous feature that machine made candles can never emulate.

Let’s take a look at the signs why you should invest in customized baptismal candles:

Signs#1: Customized Baptismal Candles Are Cheap

When you compared the conventional baptismal candle to customize baptismal candle the price is almost the same. A customized baptismal candle has a price range of between $50 to $70 depending on the size, styles, and color. On the other hand, if you buy in bulk like, for instance, you purchase 10 pieces, you will get a huge discount, and what is more, the seller will deliver the product for free. In the end, you save a considerable amount of money that you can spend on food and other matters.

Signs#2: Customized Baptismal Candles are Exceptional Candles With Amazing Styles and Designs

A lot of personalized baptismal candles are made with natural or organic materials, and for this reason, can be shaped into exceptional styles that can be better suited to the theme of your event. These are scented with natural oils and which adds to their exceptionalities, as they have a clean calming smell rather than a waxy, sooty odor.

Signs#3: They are Natural and Long Lasting

Another good reason why you must invest in customized baptismal candles is that they are long lasting and made from natural materials. And because they are made of natural materials, customized baptismal candles are clean burning candles which leave behind no soot. Hence leaving a delightfully natural smell into the immediate surroundings. As a matter of fact, you can choose aromatic baptismal candles which have healing and relaxing properties as the chosen essential oils and re-create a comforting experience. What is more, customized baptismal candles are long-lasting, they burn evenly and last 40% longer than typical paraffin candles, hence booming not just a more eco-friendly option but also a more cost-effective choice.

Signs#4: Made to Take Any Color and Form

Should you have a specific décor or theme in mind, customized baptismal candles can be handmade to cater to your needs. Given the fact that these are hand poured instead of machine-made, they can be made to take any color and form. You can choose between pink, blue, green, orange or any color you want that will go along with the theme. You can also order customized baptismal candles in rainbow color. Rainbow represents hope and promise.

Signs#5: Customized Baptismal Candles are High Quality

It comes as no surprise that a customized baptismal candle is better when it comes to quality, because of the strict quality guidelines followed to keep these candle 100 percent eco-friendly. The smells are stronger and dispense evenly too. Also, ordinary candles can leave behind a huge mess as the melted wax isn’t always easy to clean up after. On the other hand, customized baptismal candles, most essentially those with soy wax are softer and water-soluble, meaning they can be cleaned up easily after with soap water.

Signs#6: Refreshing Fruit Scents

Customized baptismal candles are available in the ambiance of diverse fruits like peach, apple, apricot, raspberry as well as grapes. Therefore, along with lighting the one being baptized, these customized candles can manage to fill the entire place with that perfect refreshing smell. You can get these customized candles in diverse weight and sizes. Some of the best customized baptismal candles are intended that they may burn longer. These kinds of candles also make use of some of the best wicks so that you can be sure that if you light them, they may just keep on lighting for hours nonstop.

Signs#7: A Personal Touch to the Event

Using a customized baptismal candle gives a personal touch to a special event. Aside from lighting the way, it also enables parents and godparents to sustain high-level of happiness all through the occasion, knowing that everyone in the family is present during the special event. It’s a good way of showing everyone how you love your little ones. What is more, it gives you with the utmost level of comfort knowing that there are lots of people that care and love your baby.

Signs#8: A Perfect and Popular Souvenir

Another significant advantage of utilizing a customized baptismal candle is that it can be served as a token after the special event. If you’re able to light it for a few minutes, the mainstream of the customized candle will stay intact so you can show it with the rest of baptismal tokens in your home.

Signs#9: Lots of Online Stores Offering Customized Baptismal Candles

Due to the popularity of customized baptismal candles, recently there are lots of stores online providing this product. This makes it easier and simpler for you to look for the best styles and designs that will meet your needs, preference as well as budget. On the other hand, it’s always advisable to buy customized baptismal candles at the right provider. Make sure they offer free delivery, they give you the chance to design your own candles and what is more, make sure they offer a warranty on the items they sell.

Signs#10: Good Investment

In case you are looking for a way to earn extra money, then why not consider selling customized baptismal candle. Buy and sell is a good way to earn extra income. So, why not buy customize candle and sell it to your friends or neighbors who will have a baptismal celebration ahead. So, aside from helping them eliminate the stress of looking for the best baptismal candle, you also help them make the entire process of planning easier.

Choose the Best Stores for the Best Customized Baptismal Candles

Customized baptismal candles are surely made by the best candle manufacturing companies all over the world. There are many candle firms which are in fact dedicated to fulfilling their vision and mission so that they can give all needed assistance to their clients. There are many customized baptismal candles which are in fact made so that they can assist you to make your event more memorable and unforgettable. There are many exclusive stores online who are selling and distributing these candles. There are many candle manufacturing firms which started their business in a small kitchen and have managed to grow into a big company just because of the styles and quality they offer to their clients.

There are many candle manufacturing companies which make customized baptismal candles in diverse shapes and forms and fragrances, so you can always be sure that there’s one for every taste and preference. You can also manage to buy these customized baptismal candles in many other fragrances like cotton, spice or even sugar along with eucalyptus and mint. So, you think of smell, and you get a nice customized baptismal candle. You can be ensured that these personalized candles are environmentally friendly and so they may never harm the environment. What is more, customized baptismal candles can be purchased for a very reasonable price online. There are many stores online that in fact offer these personalized baptismal candles for a discounted price. All you need to do is to try to do some research online and get your hands on one such personalized baptismal candle.

Kaycies Collection: One Stop Shop of High-Quality Customized Baptismal Candles

A candle is the focal point of baptism in Catholic- this symbolizes the welcoming of the baby into the Christian community. Customized your baptism candles with the information you like to include to correspond to and keep this very important occasion in mind. Kaycies Collection makes sure that you’re ready for this very special event with stylish, customized baptism candles- accessible to purchase at this online store. They take good care of the whole thing for you, so all you need to do is to do is choose the style you want from the wide selection of amazing templates. They will go to work on personalizing your chosen style before sending them to your location.

Kaycies Collection Customized Baptismal Candles

This online store offers a fast and easy process of ordering customized baptismal candles. This allows you to receive the items right on time.

Normally customized baptismal candles offer has a plain background. On the other hand, you can ask for a light pink, light blue, light green background. However, you can also request for the color you want. The choice is yours.

Stunning colored ribbon bands or bows can be selected. What is more, beads can also be asked to emboss the top border ribbon. If the name of the godparents, a picture of the infant other signs or phrases and prayers is needed on the customized baptismal candle, make sure to include this information into your email together with the order form.

Why Choose This Online Store

Their customized candles are exceptional in which all their print work is softened into their candles. This makes for an amazing natural and flawless finish. All the customized baptismal candles they offer are extremely soft in appearance, and what is more, they are proficient in custom styles as well.

Celebrate a special event with a customized keepsake. They print personal orders, so just in case there’s something specific you have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact the company. They have lots of diverse styles so make to look in their current inventory.

They offer customized baptismal candles anywhere you are in the world. So, if you’re holding a Christian baptism for your kid in the US or anywhere afar, just choose a style and they will have your amazing customize baptismal candles delivered straight to your door, right on time for the very special event.

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